Myanmar is a place of extra ordinarily and excellently attractive place of interest in many ways. First of all it is attractive for its natural beauty of scenic hills, mountains, colourft}l gardens, forests, eye catching rivers, beautiful sea beaches that give perfect peace of mind and relaxation of mind and body.

A country like Myanmar is very rare in the world which has mountains, plains, sea beaches dence forests enriched with teak wood and many other kinds of woods and medicinal trees and plants.

The mountains and hills of Myanmar are enriched with many kinds of precious stones, and mines of many valuable elements.

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It has also very long sea beach, a strip ofland in Tenaserim and Rakhaine region. You can have tasty sea food like prawns, lobsters, many kinds of fish and aquatic animals. Myanmar is also known for its ancient constructions built by the king Anawratha, Bayin Naung, and king Mindon., The Pagodas of Pagan was built by Anawratha about 1000 years ago, the Palace of Bayin Naung was built about 500 years ago. The last Palace known as Mya Nan San Kyaw Shwe Nan Daw was built about 1854 AD. by king Min Don in Mandalay, which is in the central Myanmar. The most famous Pagoda which is known around the world is Shwedagon Pagoda in Central Yangon was built about 2500 years ago. The well known Pagoda "Kyait Hti Yo" near Moulmein was built on top of a ball shaped stone which lies on the edge of a steep hill by an impact of probably magnetic power. It is also one of the extremely interesting place. There is also a very interesting construction near Mandalay. The whole holy book of Lord Buddha was written on pieces of stone and erected serially. It is over one thousand pages and is known as the largest book ever built in the world. The Palace in Mandalay and Pago are rebuilt with a maintenance of its grandeur mid beauty as the original one during King Mindon and Bayin Naung. There is also a very famous Zoo in Yangon built during British ruling time. The present Government has rebuilt and renovated too much and old cages are now renovated as the original ones. Myanmar in also gifted moderate weather, that is one of

the best in the world., So you can visit Myanmar round the year. Even during mid rainy season, you can stay in central Myanmar or on the high mountains where there are less rain compared to lower Myanmar.

Therefore you can enjoy many varieties of views as you like. There are mountain views, sea beach views, lake views, river views etc. You can also do shoppings. You can buy precious stones, handicrafts, arts, teak wood products as you like. Conscquently it is obvious that you can have both benefits, business as well as pleasure.

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